Deadline of Submission is 15th August 2019


The APFCB Young Scientist Travel Grant Awards are a scientific paper competition conducted by the APFCB through its Education and Laboratory Management Committee with the following objectives:

  1. Foster scientific potential of young scientists within the Asia-Pacific region,
  2. As a means of aiding and encouraging young scientists in written and oral communication of their research results


Scholarship Support

There will be 12 Scholarships awarded. These are the APFCB Young Scientist Awards (3), the Siemens APFCB-Siemens Travel Grants (3), the APFCB-Organizing Committee Travel Grants (5) and the APFCB-RCPAQAP Travel Grant (1).



  1. Scientists under the age of 40 on 1st January 2020.
  2. Researcher must reside in the Asia Pacific region (all Asian countries except Arab region), Australasia,  Pacific islands



The selection process will take place starting July 2019 with the following conditions:

  1. Submitted scientific research papers shall be original works of one individual (single author) or as main author in a group research project
  2. Research paper has not been published elsewhere or submitted at the same period/time for another competition or publication
  3. Literary search or reviews are not acceptable
  4. All research areas in laboratory medicine are welcome,  but emphasis will be put to novel findings
  5. Language will be English
  6. Each researcher may submit more than one research paper
  7. All papers must include a title page with the following information: title of the paper, name of scientist, affiliation name and address, researcher’s email address and name, address and email address of the sponsor who endorses the project.
  8. The maximum length of the paper is 1,500 words, not including title page, abstract, references, figures, tables, and appendices. The body of the paper shall begin with the abstract so that it is not on a separate page.
  9. There must be a Letter of Endorsement from the young scientists employer attesting to the fact that there is no other source of funding to attend the meeting available and that the research was the work of the candidate.
  10. The APFCB panel of assessors will base their decision on the scientific merits of the paper, the GDP of the country of residence and a balance of distribution of awardees from within the Asia Pacific region.
  11. Deadline of submission is 15th August 2019.
  12. Preference would be given to first time applicants.
  13. All submissions shall be addressed to: Dr Tony Badrick, APFCB Education and Laboratory Management Chairperson, email address: tony.badrick@rcpaqap.com.au


Winners and Grants:

  1. There will be 12 (twelve) winners selected from all submitted papers.
  2. There will be free conference Registration.
  3. The Award will consist of a cheque to the value of the sum given below paid to each winner in Jaipur by the APFCB Treasurer Dr Leila Florentino.
    1. APFCB Young Scientist Awards (3) – SGD 1500
    2. Siemens APFCB-Siemens Travel Grants (3) – SGD 1500
    3. APFCB-Organizing Committee Travel Grants (5) – SGD 500
    4. APFCB-RCPAQAP Travel Grant (1) – SGD 1500.
  4. A Juror Team chaired by the APFCB Education and Laboratory Management Committee will be in charge for determining the winners of this competition.

The APFCB   encourages scientists under the age of 40 to participate in this competition, through which they will have unique opportunities to learn a crucial part of scientific work which is communicating their work to others.

Published  May 2019

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