Program Highlights

The Asia-Pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry, APFCB-2019 will offer you an exciting scientific programme covering varied plenary lectures, workshops, symposia and panel discussions on relevant aspects related to the laboratory medicine. Here is a  glimpse of some of the proposed scientific highlights.

The theme for this congress ‘Laboratory Medicine - Innovation and Integration’ is proposed to have focussed deliberations on how the future of this discipline is influenced by the rapid progress in the technology and to find the ways to cope up with the emerging challenges.

The proceedings are also expected to address on the importance of the integration of laboratories, linked with appropriate networks, partnerships, outsourcing facilities and comprehensive support to clinicians to improve the productivity of the clinical laboratories. 

The preconference workshops will be planned to emphasize the logistical aspects like laboratory management, quality indicators, accreditation processes, importance of the traceability, harmonization in the lab, point of care testing, etc. Few workshops will be scheduled directed to the young members on the carrier opportunities in laboratory medicine and on scholarly activities like clinical lab research and scientific writing.

The plenary lectures and symposia sessions will be planned to emphasize the theme of the congress and will cover updates on varied aspects of laboratory medicine like cardiac markers, risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, biomarkers of renal disorders, endocrinology and metabolism, standardization of thyroid function tests, cancer diagnostics, therapeutic drug monitoring, infectious diseases research, autoimmune diseases, role of molecular biology, proteomics and metabolomics in clinical lab practice etc.