Plenary Speaker

Howard Morris
University of South Australia, Australia

Professor   Howard   Morris   is   currently   the   President   of   the   International Federation   of   Clinical   Chemistry   and   Laboratory Medicine. His  current professional  interest  is  researching  the  quality  use  of  laboratory  medicine  and demonstrating the value of laboratory medicine within the healthcare system.

Professor  Morris  is  Professor  of  Medical  Sciences  at  the  University  of  South Australia  and  a  Clinical  Scientist  in  Chemical  Pathology  at  SA  Pathology, Adelaide,  South  Australia.  He  has  over  30  years’  experience  in  Clinical Biochemistry  largely  managing  an  Endocrinology  laboratory  of  a  large  public pathology service as well as Director of a major research institute. His basic and clinical   research   interests   include  the  pathophysiology   of   metabolic  bone disease  and nutritional  strategies  for  the  prevention  of  osteoporosis  with particular emphasis on the effects of vitamin D and dietary calcium.